About Us

A family business who source and deliver the best local produce Sussex has to offer.

We launched in early 2021 with 3 goals in mind:

1. Support Local Business

Like most people, in 2020 we found ourselves working from home and missing our favourite food spots near the office, so we started venturing out to local cafes and food & drink retailers for our morning pick me up and Friday lunchtime treats. The quality of produce on our doorstep was unbelievable and it felt good to buy from independent businesses. 

There are thousands of local businesses thriving across Sussex and we firmly believe that as we grow, we help to grow the local economy from which the whole community can benefit.

2. Make Local Produce Accessible

We first got the idea for a local produce delivery service by visiting farmers markets across Sussex. The great thing about farmers markets is that you get to meet the producers face-to-face, ask questions about the food your eating, and mingle with the local community.

Unfortunately, for reasons unique to our time, mingling with the local community is no longer desirable or possible for a lot of people

By setting up our delivery service we believe we can introduce more people to the incredible produce Sussex has to offer and help make local produce a regular part of peoples lives.

3. Eat delicious Food (Our simplest goal!)

Fundamentally, this business was built from of a love of food, and we can finally justify spending all of our time and money eating & drinking the best produce Sussex has to offer.

We view all of our products as a small gift from the hardworking producers of Sussex, and ultimately Sussex itself, we just put it in a box and deliver it to your door. Which is why we sign all of our parcels with...

Lots of Love,